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Exterminators Visalia

Exterminators Visalia

Pestman Pest Control are professional exterminators in Visalia. If you’re facing a difficult pest situation, call their experts at 599-732-7378 and let them take care of the problem for you.


It surprises many homeowners to learn that they may have a termite problem, without even knowing it. A termite problem that is left untreated can literally eat up the equity of your home! Termite problems come homeowners more than $5 billion in damages every year in the US. While you may think that your homeowners insurance policy will cover termite damage, most of the time, it won’t.


The exterminators from Pestman Pest Control are highly qualified to help protect your home from the dangers of termites. Their technicians have gone through extensive training and have access to some of the most advanced equipment in their industry. Effective treatment relies on specialized tools, equipment, experience and proper treatment. You can trust Pestman with your termite problem.


Are you dealing with a rodent problem in your home? More and more residential communities are being developed in rural areas, and homeowners are experiencing greater numbers of rodent intrusion our to unwanted critters being displaces from their habitats. If your home has become a nesting place where mice or other pests are hiding in your chimney, attic, sub-floor or any other place within your residence, call Pestman Pest Control at 559-732-7378 for prompt service.


Mice and other rodents can cause damage to your property and possibly expose your family to diseases such as rabies, ringworm, and Lyme disease. You can rely on Pestman’s exterminators to rid your Visalia home of unwanted pests with quick and efficient rodent control.


Eave Treatment is one of the most popular services Pestman provides within the community. When you schedule service to your eaves, you can expect to find them swept and pest free. In addition to maintaining their aesthetic look, this service is critical to controlling spider populations within your home. Many spiders that end up inside of your home come from egg sacs that are hanging in your eaves.


The exterminators from Pestman in Visalia will remove all spider activity in order to prevent their free reign around your home. Pestman knows that sweeping your eaves is crucial for treating spiders because it gets rid of their food source. A few of the reasons why locals choose Pestman Pest Control for service in their homes include:


- Full-service pest control, bed bug control, termite control and eradication of many other pests.

- Year round protection inside of your home, based on your schedule and what is convenient for you.

- A trusted company that is dedicated to your complete satisfaction

- A growing customer base of homeowners


Call the professional exterminators from Pestman in Visalia at 599-732-7378 for residential, commercial and multi-family units. You can also visit online at to see their entire list of services designed to meet the needs of homeowners and business owners throughout the Visalia and surrounding areas.


Exterminators Visalia
PestMan pest control
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Exterminators Visalia Exterminators Visalia Exterminators Visalia Exterminators Visalia