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Spiders can be a deadly menace especially a few like the Brown and Black Widow. They also can leave your house an unsightly mess with webs and dead insect carcasses. We eliminate any existing spides, de-web your eaves to remove any egg sacs that may be around and then leave a risidual barrier to prevent any re-infestations. Spiders throw a web up in the air called "ballooning" that allows them to land on rooves and high trees and find ways into your home. Most spiders have numerous egg sacs, many containing hundreds of spiders per sac! The brown widow spider produces up to 12 "spikey" egg sacs or more that can contain 300 in each. These spiders are deadly to those more susceptible to spider venom and especially children 6 and under due to the toxicity compared to body weight. Feel rest assured that you and your family are protected with a barrier that attempts to alleviate you and your loved ones from bites and emergency rooms.

Commensal rodents are among the greatest economic and public health threats in the United States. Here in Central California we are host to Norway rats, roof rats, and the common house mouse. All were imported from the Old World – all carry disease, and can contaminate and deplete food stores. We provide rat and mice control in Tulare, Kings and Fresno Co

  • Interior

    Interior TreatmentAn interior treatment is very inobtrusive. It involves treating around the exterior baseboards of the home. As insects cross back and forth across the baseboards...
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  • Exterior

    Exterior TreatmentAs part of every PestMan Service, the area surrounding your home will be treated in order to keep invading insects at bay. This insect barrier will extend around...
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  • Eave

    Eave TreatmentOne of our most popular services is our eave treatment. Every time you receive a scheduled service you can expect to find your eaves swept and pest free...
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